Police nab fraudster posing as US embassy staff to dupe students

Police have arrested a conman posing as US embassy staff to dupe people with a promise of sending them to the US under the earthquake victim quota.Kathmandu Metropolitan Police Circle arrested Siddhartha Karki on Friday.

He was accused of swindling money from six students promising to send them to the US.Police arrested him after the students filed a case against him following his disappearance after he took their money. Karki was arrested from Mulpani, Kathmandu.

According to the Kathmandu Metropolitan Police Circle, Karki took Rs 76,500 from Prakash Karki and Rs  1,50,000 from Madan Pokhrel, assuring them that the earthquake victims quota expenses would not exceed Rs 4,000,00.

Police investigation suggested that Karki was not related to US embassy. He has been sent to Metropolitan Police Circle for further investigations.